Make Tenant Move In Process a Breeze With These 5 Tips - Article Banner

With tenants moving into your commercial space, there are a lot of details that will need managing on your end and theirs. 

Providing a smooth, organized, and stress-free move-in process will get the tenancy off to a good start. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure the property is ready for them on Day One.

1. Before Tenants Move In: Inspect 

Once you’ve settled on a move-in date with your tenants, plan some time in advance to head over to the building and conduct an inspection. You want to make sure that the property is ready for occupancy and that all your systems and operations are functional and safe. 

Be thorough. Start outside of the building and make sure the parking lot, walkway, and doors look good. Look at sprinklers and drainage, if you have them, and you’ll want to make sure the exterior lighting works. Inside, check the ceilings and the walls. Make sure the HVAC system is giving you the heat and air your tenants will need. Do all the outlets work? Are the emergency exits easily identified? 

2. Clean Your Commercial Property

After you’ve satisfied yourself that everything is working and move-in ready, you can have the space professionally cleaned. You want to give your new tenants an excellent first impression as they’re preparing to work from the property. 

3. Walk Through the Building and Property With Tenants 

Schedule an inspection with your new tenants before move-in. This will give you both the opportunity to document the condition of the property with notes, photos, and discussion. If you agreed to modifications of the space before the tenants take possession, make sure those changes have been complete and are correct. 

Documentation will be essential. If any part of your property is damaged during the tenancy, you’ll want to hold your tenants accountable. So, make sure you can accurately demonstrate how the place looked before they moved in their equipment, materials, and workers. 

The tenants will also have an opportunity, during this walk-through, to highlight any issues or document things that they don’t want to be charged for later. 

4. Sign the Inspection Report

After you complete walking through the property together, sign the inspection report so all parties have agreed to the condition of the property and to any repairs that need to be made. 

5. Provide Keys and Remain Available During Move-In

The final step is to give your tenants the keys to their new space. 

Make sure you know when most of the moving in will occur. You certainly don’t have to be present while they’re getting settled, but you do want to be available in case any questions or issues arise while they’re moving in. There might be problems with the security system, the doors, or questions about the workings of the building in general. If you’re available, your new tenants will appreciate your responsiveness and your tenant relationship will start off strong. 

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