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Commercial rental properties in Victorville and across the High Desert are excellent investments. However, a lot of investors quickly become surprised at the amount of work that’s involved in leasing, managing, and maintaining those investments. 

Self-management probably seems like a cost-effective option, but it can often be more expensive to try and manage a commercial property on your own, especially if you don’t have experience in the industry. You might be missing out on key opportunities to earn more and spend less if you’re not working with professional managers. 

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits to hiring a commercial property management company

Strategic Marketing for Commercial Properties 

To effectively market your commercial property, there needs to be a deep understanding of the local market. That’s where property managers can really help. Your property management company should be familiar with comparable spaces in your area and relevant economic data that will inform your rental values and marketing strategies. 

You can expect a detailed assessment of how much you’re likely to earn, who is likely to rent your property, and what you can expect for lease terms and maintenance. This helps you minimize vacancy costs.  

All of this leads to better marketing and advertising. Your property manager will have a process in place for listing your property, networking with potential tenants, showing the space, and negotiating the lease terms. 

Commercial Property Lease Enforcement 

Lease terms for commercial properties are typically flexible. They can be one, three, five, 10 years, or even longer. You might feel like you need to find a tenant right away, but you don’t want to accept a one-year lease when waiting for a more qualified tenant would result in a 10-year lease.   

Typically, owners will get a better rate and more substantial concessions with a longer lease, but they’re not sure how to negotiate these terms. Short leases can cause steep financial losses, and you’ll need a property manager to ensure you’re making the money you want to make with your tenants, your space, and your lease structure. 

It’s normal to focus on your immediate needs today. A good property manager will think long-term, and help you see the bigger picture. You can expect a stronger lease that protects your interests. 

Commercial Tenant Relationships 

Positive tenant relationships lead to better investment experiences. 

Good property managers identify, screen, place, and retain the best possible tenants for your commercial space. Your property management partner will be responsive, provide resources, and hold tenants accountable. Maintenance needs will be responded to quickly, and you can expect routine inspections from your management partner. 

Professional tenant relationships and open communication leads to happy, long term tenants.

Limiting Vacancy Loss and Length

Understand TenantsYour commercial property isn’t going to make any money if it’s not occupied. 

Property managers understand tenants. They can negotiate better deals, set competitive but profitable market rents, and work with you to increase the overall occupancy rate for your property. 

With professional commercial management in the High Desert, you will save yourself time and eliminate the frustration that can often come with owning real estate. You’ll also sidestep all those easy mistakes that investors can make because you’ll have qualified, expert professionals working on your behalf. 

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