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Dealing with tenants comes with the territory when you rent out commercial property. 

For some property owners, tenant relationships come naturally. This is likely when you communicate well, respond to the needs of your tenants, and you’re committed to enforcing the rules and providing a consistent, fair rental experience. 

Establishing and maintaining good relationships with your tenants will impact your return on investment. You can’t earn money if tenants are always leaving or you’re in the middle of ongoing disputes and escalating conflict. 

Good tenant relationships save you money and even help you earn more on your commercial property

If you find your tenant relationships aren’t what they should be, we have some ideas for how to improve them.   

Set Expectations and Make a Good First Impression

First impressions count, so think about your relationship even before your tenants become your tenants. 

Be accommodating and flexible during the marketing and leasing process. When you’re responsive to a prospective tenant’s questions and you’re willing to negotiate lease terms and work with tenants on good outcomes, you’re more likely to start your relationship off on solid footing. An easy, well-organized move-in process can also help. 

Communicate and Listen to Tenants 

Communication has to be a priority if you want to improve your tenant relationship.

Good communication starts with listening. Tenants want to be heard, especially when something isn’t going right. Make sure you’re available and accessible to them and let them know you understand what they expect from you. 

When you understand what your tenants need, you can do a better job of meeting those needs. Even if a tenant is complaining, resist the impulse to get defensive or angry. Keep the lines of communication open at all times and be willing to hold yourself and your tenant accountable. 

Don’t forget that everyone communicates differently. Some tenants will need to see you in person. Others will want to talk on the phone and for others, texting and email is best. Be willing to meet them where they are and communicate in ways that work for them.

Good communication is something all tenants are looking for in a landlord and when you lead by example by communicating well, you can count on a better relationship.

Respond Right Away to Tenant Problems 

Urgent RepairWhen building maintenance and operational issues are your responsibility, you have to treat repairs and problems with a sense of urgency. Tenants tend to become frustrated very quickly when their troubles are ignored or dismissed. Making maintenance a priority will always lead to better tenant relationships. 

Your relationship with tenants depends on customer service, especially during the maintenance process. Stay in touch with them throughout the repair process and follow up after the work has been done to make sure everything is in good shape. Have a good team of vendors and contractors in place who are reliable, work quickly and treat your tenants with respect.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile for your tenants, they’ll remember that, and your relationship will grow.

It’s actually not difficult to get along well with your tenants. If you’re willing to communicate and provide great customer service, you’ll find you have a good relationship that’s mutually beneficial.

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