Steps for a Successful Move Out Process - Article Banner

When commercial tenants are preparing to move out of your space, you want them to leave with a sense that they’ve had a good rental experience with you. 

Tenants leave for a lot of reasons. Maybe they’re going out of business. Maybe they need a bigger space or a smaller one. Perhaps their business is doing so well that they’ve bought their own property. 

Whatever their reasons for not renewing the lease agreement, you want to maintain a reputation of being a good commercial landlord. 

Put together an effective move out process that serves your tenants and helps you get the property ready to rent again. 

Receive the Notice to Vacate and Provide Instructions 

Your lease agreement should state how much notice your tenants need to provide before they move out. Use this time to work with them towards a successful move out process. 

It’s important that you communicate what you expect prior to move out. Your tenants need to know that you want the space returned to you in the same condition it was in when they took possession. Once you receive the notice to vacate, send move out instructions in writing. 

Your list of instructions will likely include:

  • Cleaning the property.
  • Removing all furniture, computers, and belongings that did not come with the unit.
  • Turning in keys.
  • Providing a forwarding address and updated contact information.

When tenants have an easy-to-reference checklist, they won’t forget to do something that you’re expecting them to do.

Always get their exact move-out date. You’ll need to know when you can take possession and begin preparing the rental for new tenants. 

Schedule a Move Out Inspection 

You’ll need to schedule a move out inspection before your tenants vacate so you can be sure everything is in order. Be accommodating to your tenants. Their schedules are likely complicated as they transition out of your space. Work with them and make yourself available on a day and at a time that works well for them. You’ll find they’re far more cooperative when you are flexible. 

Put Together a Move Out Checklist 

House InspectionDuring the inspection, you should have a copy of your move-in walk through report. 

This will tell you whether there’s any damage that the tenants might be responsible for. Walk through the property with your tenants and take pictures. Make notes. Your checklist can include everything from the condition of the walls to whether the windows are clean. Inspect all the functions and systems of the property and compare the condition at move-in to how the property looks now. 

Make sure you collect enough documentation to support any charges you plan to make against the security deposit

After your inspection, you’ll want to collect the keys and wish your tenants luck. You’ll have 30 days to return the security deposit with a detailed list of any charges that were made against it. Always include supporting documentation, such as repair invoices and receipts. 

We can help you move out existing tenants and prepare your property for new commercial renters. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at Preston-Lee Management Company. We’ve been providing property management services in the High Desert for more than 20 years, and we’re happy to be your best resource.