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Running a successful business is largely about location. When you’re looking for the right commercial space to house your company, whether it’s a retail store or office space you need, it’s crucial to put yourself in the right spot. You’ll have to think about visibility and the ease with which customers, employees, and others can find you.

Talk with a professional real estate agent in the local market before you start your search. It will save you time and eliminate a lot of frustration. Experts can help you find what you need for your business, and they know the market extremely well. 

Here are some additional pieces of advice we have when you’re choosing the right location for your business. 

Get to Know the Commercial Real Estate Market 

A good commercial real estate agent can help you understand the potential of various locations, but do a little of your own research, too. You’ll need to know if your target customers can be found in particular neighborhoods. What types of businesses are opening and closing in the area? 

Always visit potential buildings. What businesses were there before you? Determine if the location looks the way you expect it to and whether your specific business will fit there. If you’re a small store, are there larger anchor stores in the area that will bring you a steady stream of customers?

Establishing a budget is also important before you go looking at potential locations. You’ll need to know how much rent you’re able to pay, and what kind of leasing terms you’re looking for. Make sure you’re not priced out of the locations you’re excited to explore. 

Look for Space With Room To Grow

Think about the needs of your current company when you’re seeking out commercial space, but don’t forget that you’re likely going to grow in a year or five years. Unless you want to move your business, make sure you choose a space that’s fit to grow with you. Whether it’s additional space for new inventory or extra employees…you might need more square footage in a year or two than you do right now.

Is Your Business Easy to Reach?

If you’re running a business that counts on attracting customers to your storefront, you’ll want to make sure you’re in a well-trafficked location. You might also need a large parking lot if you’re located in a non-walkable area without access to public transportation. Think about your clients and employees and choose a location that’s going to be easy for them to reach. 

Commercial Space Needs Infrastructure

Conference RoomThe right location will often depend on the type of business you’re running. If you’re looking for office space, you might be searching for large conference rooms, closed off cubicles, or an open concept where team members can easily work together and communicate openly. You’ll need access to excellent Wi-Fi and plenty of electrical outlets to accommodate computers, printers, and other office equipment. 

When you’re looking for a warehouse or industrial space for your business, different foundation needs will have to be met. You’ll be thinking about ventilation and insulation and the ease with which you’ll be able to remove waste and trash. Storage will be critical. 

There are a few of the suggestions we have when you begin looking for business locations. If you’d like help identifying some great commercial spaces in Victorville and the surrounding areas, please contact us at Preston-Lee Management Company. We’ve been providing property management services in the High Desert for more than 20 years.