Fall Maintenance To-Do List - Article Banner

Fall means the temperatures finally become more tolerable in the High Desert. We look forward to festivals and getting back outside for hiking, biking, and other recreational activities. 

It’s also a great time to check in on some seasonal maintenance that your commercial investment property might need. We’ve put together a handy to-do list to help you stay organized and to protect the condition of your properties. 

Inspect the Condition of Your Roof

Heat and high summer temperatures take their toll on roofs. The fall is an ideal time to have the roof of your building inspected and if necessary, repaired. Schedule a professional roof inspection with a certified roofer. They’ll be able to find weak spots you can’t find yourself. 

A sound roof defends you against structural problems in the entire building. It prevents water from getting into the building and it helps keep air and heat efficient by providing good insulation. If shingles are missing or gaps are discovered around the property’s ventilation system, you’ll need to take care of those issues right away. 

Clean and Inspect Your HVAC System

Air conditioning runs constantly in the summer, and your system puts in a lot of work. The fall is the perfect time to have your heating and cooling units checked out, cleaned, and serviced. Preventative maintenance like this will save you lots of money on expensive replacements in the long run.

People are more concerned about energy efficiency than ever before. The tenants renting space in your commercial building will appreciate that the system is working well and keeping energy bills down. Make sure you have a routine maintenance plan for changing out your air filters regularly. This simple preventative practice will help your HVAC system last longer.

Check Your Irrigation Systems

We don’t have freezing temperatures for much of the winter, but it can get pretty cold on some nights and those temperatures can drop unexpectedly. Drain faucets and hoses. If you’re not going to use watering systems throughout the winter, disconnect your hoses from the outside of the building and cover up any sprinklers and irrigation systems that might freeze.

Give the Property a Good Cleaning

Repaint ParkingPower wash the outside of your building. Repaint any parking lines in the lots and spruce up the landscaping. Make sure there aren’t any potholes that need repairing or trees and branches that need to be trimmed back.

Inside, give vacancies a good clean with extra sanitation. Replace any dirty carpets, touch up any faded paint on the walls, and make sure everything looks good. 

A clean and organized interior will provide happier tenants. That contributes to retention and allows your commercial property to keep collecting consistent income year after year. 

We can help you approach your fall maintenance plans if you’re struggling to organize yourself for the season. Contact our team at Preston-Lee Management Company and leverage our years of experience managing commercial properties in Victorville and the High Desert.